If you want to track lead conversion from the live chat, or if your welcome message works to convert your visitors into customers, then you will be excited to know that since today you can.

Enable Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel tracking inside your Live Chat.

The events fired are:

  • Chat Open: When someone clicks on the live chat icon
  • Conversation Started: When someone starts a new conversation
  • Request Email from Conversation: When the email has been requested
  • New Lead: When the visitor inserts its email into the live chat
  • Welcome message Reply: when the visitor hit the reply button from the welcome message
  • Profiling Request: When a profiling request has been sent
  • Profiling Data Submitted: When the lead submit a profiling answer

Some examples of what you can do with this analytics data?

  • Create a Goal in GA to check the conversions (lead acquisition) from the chat
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your welcome message
  • Create a remarketing campaign with people that have interacted with the live chat


You have just to enable the option inside your Project Settings -> Live Chat settings

Now you will receive custom events inside your Google Analytics or Facebook Ads account.

That’s it. Enjoy it!